Welcome to our website!


Little bit about the server:

Version: 1.12+

Language: English


Join us on discord


What we offer to regular members:

- HorseTP(Works for all rideable pets)

- Claims(Golden Shovel*250 claim blocks/h*

- Back*Including on death*


- Help when you need it

- A friendly enviroment

- CrateKey's for voting and more!

- Mine spawners with silktouch

- Rtp*Random Teleport*

- Infernal boss like mobs

- Better Drops

- Great Enchants*Custom*


Ofcourse a ton more!


Before Donating for anything make sure to read the fineprint.

This is to avoid misunderstandings!



 Here you can browse and purchase all of the packages we have to offer. Detailed information about each package is displayed after clicking on the package. Your donations will be used to upkeep the servers, upkeep the best plugins and give you the best experience your donation has to offer!


All payments are processed by buycraft automatically and can take 5-15 minutes to reach you in-game.

Please make sure to be online after/during your donation.

If you haven't been given your package within 15 minutes of the purchase, contact a staff member to get it sorted.


Please make sure you enter your Minecraft username exactly how it appears in-game!